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List of Fun Bike Accessories You Really Need...or not

List of Fun Bike Accessories You Really Need...or not

Fun Bike Accessories 

Just riding a bike is fun but we have put together a great list of simple upgrades that will take your enjoyment as a cyclist to a new level!

Hip Pack

Cute Fanny Pack

A nice hip pack will make rides much more comfortable than having all stuff in your pockets. Check out this link for a quality Hip Pack by BRKN LABEL


Tiny bicycle flower vase

Bicycle flower vase

Riding your bike has always been a greener alternative to driving a car to work. The Tiny bicycle flower vase takes it to the another level of green! And guys, you should bookmark this page for Valentine’s day cause there’s nothing that says I love you more than a tiny flower vase to fit on your girlfriend's bike.

You can get your hands on one at this fantastic Etsy store: Wearable Planter

Smart Halo

Bicycle gps smart halo

We all know how dangerous it is to check your phone while driving, right? Well, how about when you try to GPS your way to your friend’s party on your bike? Yeah, who will hold your beer if you break your arm getting there? The solution, smart halo! One of its key features is the light signals on your handlebar, guiding you turn by turn to you destination.

Another cool feature is its alarm system. It has an internal motion sensor that alerts you if anyone is messing with your bike.

Check them out at: Smart Halo 

Make Bike Rack

Bike rack

Wait, a bike rack as an accessory? Well, anyone living in a 4 ½ rooms or smaller apartment would get it. In an average city apartment, space is a rare commodity. So, a nice bike rack to conveniently store your bike in plain sight is a must. 

Make Bike Racks are sleek, wall-mounted and made of solid wood. Hanging your bike on one of these not only saves space but is an impressive wall ornament!  


Pedal Straps

pedal straps

For those who don’t like the inconvenience of walking in cycling shoes that make a sound like you’re on stage tap dancing to music, but do enjoy the safety of having your feet secured to your pedals, why not treat yourself to pedal straps.

For time and weather tested straps made from the people of the north, check out Pedaltbelts and Ynot pedal straps. They are manufactured in Canada and tough as nails without compromising style.


hexo+ drone

This is not exactly bike specific but let's face it, we are well past the year 2000 and we still don’t have flying cars (at least at the time of writing) so let us indulge in some sweet future tech! It’s a drone that follows you while you ride! So if you're going off the beaten track and want to remember each moment of your adventure or you’re thinking of shooting the next Premium Rush — Get yourself a Hexo+ drone.


You know you want it!


bike chalk trail 

This one is for all you grown ups that need to break loose from your daily grind. The occasional chalk trail art you create after a long week is just what we recommend to remind yourself that life is full of simple pleasures. Now get outside and let your neighbourhood know who draws the best butterflies on the block!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blurb. Feel free to share your thoughts or add to the list. We'd love to hear from you!



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