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6 tips for Riding in Autumn

6 tips for Riding in Autumn

6 tips for Riding in Autumn

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Autumn riding is awesome! (as long as you’re ready for it)

Autumn riding is awesome for all who are prepared! November can have the perfect cycling environment. Bike lanes aren’t too crowded,  the sun warms you up instead of  beating you down and compared to public transit you keep yourself warm cycling instead freezing your butt off waiting in line.

Here is 6 quick tips that will insure that you enjoy every day on your fixie.

  1. Layers!!

You never know what the day can bring with changing seasons so wearing layers or just having an extra one in your bag is a must. Just in case the warm morning turns into a chilly afternoon.

  1. Weather resistant footwear

Your feet will feel whatever the day brings, whether a cold wind or rainy conditions, it's important to keep your feet warm and dry. A good pair of socks can also go a long way.

  1. Waterproof bag

Remember the extra layer you put in your bag? Well it’s of no use if it’s wet, so getting a waterproof bag is important to protect the contents you put in it like your laptop, books or your homework/reports that you did last minute. Check out YNOT magnetica for awesome weather resistant bags.

  1. Keep your chain clean

Roads can get pretty dirty and wet. The dirt and mud that kicks up can get your chain pretty grimy. Keeping it clean will spare your pants and visits to the repair shop.

  1. Wear a good pair of gloves

Your hands are at the helm of your bike. A chilly wind can feel like a cold snap to your fingers and numb them quite fast so get yourself a warm pair of gloves. We recommend the ones that can stay attached to you sleeves like in kindergarten! (man those are badass)

  1. Visibility

The days are getting shorter meaning it gets dark around something like 3pm (not quite accurate). Some reflective wear and lights on the front and rear of your bike is very important. If you have some glow sticks you didn't use last weekend put those on too.

Share your Autumn attire on our FB page or tag us on Instagram and we will pick a winner to get a Myfix Cycles T-shirt to add to your layers!!

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