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Winter Cycling

Winter Cycling

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As of January, winter is fully upon us. Since there are some “crazies” like us out there that are still riding their bikes as if they were snowmobiles, here are a few quick tips and reminders about how to stay safe while cycling this winter.

Fixed gear bikes in winter are usually a good idea, having only one gear will eliminate the chance of your chain getting jammed with ice and slush. Whatever bike you decide to ride this winter make sure you winterize it.

Image of froze bicycle in Montreal

If you have dings and scratches on your bike try to give them a quick paint job as to delay the onset of rust.

The days are shorter and a good snowstorm limits drivers visibility, so make good use of your lights day and night. In some cases using a Russian accent to warn motorists or other cyclists of your presence on the road will instil respect.

Your chain is sure to take a beating so ensure you keep it clean and properly lubed up all winter. Swing by Hors Catégorie for a couple winter clean ups. They also have affordable high grade lubricant available in store. 

 Picture of a dirty gear chain

Dress Up!! Whether it’s a nice 1980’s one piece winter suit or a northface winter jacket, dress appropriately! Gore Tex socks and neoprene cycling booties will make sure you still have toes next summer.

Picture of a retro snow suit

Choosing a good fender is important. Ideally get yourself a fender that fits on the down tube or the seat post, they won't clog up with ice and slush unlike close fitting fenders.  

Can we shamelessly plug in that we have some awesome abominable snowman resistant Ynot bags available in our store?

image of a yeti

Renaming your bike “The Winter Soldier” is not a useful tip in any way but it sounds awesome so try it.

All in all be careful on the icy roads and be proud that you are part of an elite few that brave winter cycling!!

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