What is a Fixed Gear and Single Speed bike

Well, a very simple answer would be, it’s a bicycle the way it was originally built. Meaning, It has only the parts you truly need to ride it; Frame, wheels, handle bar, a seat and pedals.. Like the answer, a fixed gear/single speed, is simple.

That probably didn’t answer all your questions so lets go a little deeper.

The 'fixed' refers to the lack of a freewheeling mechanism on the bike. This means that whenever the wheel is in motion so are the pedals, and vice versa. If you pedal forward, you move forward, and if you pedal backward, you move backward. Pretty straight forward right! (or is it backwards?)

What is single speed/Freewheel mode? 

Single speed has the freewheel mechanism. The freewheel is the ratchet device on the rear wheel that allows the pedals to remain stationary while the bicycle is in motion, this allows the rider to coast. It’s no wonder that freewheel technology has become a standard in the industry. Coasting is fun!

Now all our bikes come with a flip flop hub. What this means is, you have the option to alternate between Fixed gear or Single speed mode.

Ok, so we got the moving part down, but how do you stop?

On the fixed gear mode, to come to a complete stop the rider must resist the forward motion of the pedals, slowing the rear wheel and ultimately coming to a stop. (Don’t worry, if you doubt the strength of your legs you can use the front break to assist you.)

As for the single speed mode, like most bicycles, you only have to use your brakes. All our bikes come with front and rear brakes as standard.

How many gears does the bike have? 

One! Sound hard? It isn’t! 

Fixed gear bikes or ‘Fixies’ not only look good, but they are also mechanically more efficient than any other bicycle. The reason for this is that the drivetrain has the most direct transfer from the rider to the wheels. That means our fixed gear bike requires less effort from the rider, and are much lighter and more manoeuvrable then most other bikes.

As you all have probably noticed, in recent years the customization of products has massively gained in popularity in the retail industry. Whether it’s customising your phone, car, pictures or sneakers it seems anything can be customized to suit individual style. So it should come as no surprise that the bicycle industry has followed this trend. You can modify and customize almost any type of bike you would like, but it is the entire culture behind the fix gear bikes that has helped see a growth and become a sought after item. So what are you waiting for? Come get your FIX!!