Bicycle Specs

Myfix Cycles fixie bikes are made from durable high tensile steel frames, perfect for city riding. It can handle anything the unpredictable streets can throw at it. If you live in Montreal, potholes are everywhere and a high tensile steel frame is better suited to handle them.

A Neco headset holds the sleek riser handlebars. Stop on a dime every time with front and rear caliper brakes.

Sturdy Myfix Cycles alloy pedals connects you a crank set with a 46:16 gear ratio using a top of the line KMC chain.

Take control of every aspect of your ride with our Quando flip flop hub. The flip flop hub gives you access to both fixed gear or freewheel style riding.

No need to compromise comfort or speed with Kenda 700x23 tires.

Our sleek racing saddle will keep your ride comfortable. I know we like to throw the word "sleek" around like its going out of style but, LOOK at it!!

Living on the 4th floor of your apartment building? Myfix Cycles fixie bikes only weigh 11kg (size 54cm), making it easy to carry it up or down.